Apple is getting even bigger: When technology meets medical

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When it comes to the way we operate these days, most of everything is digital. And if it isn’t digital, it likely has some sort of relation or implementation of technology. There is no denying that there are leaders in the digital game, and it seems like these businesses just keep getting bigger and bigger. From online shopping with Amazon, to multitudes of information at your fingertips with Google, to keeping in touch with your friends and family on Facebook, to the devices you use to do these things with Apple, a large majority of our day to day activities exist via these companies.

So, what does that mean for your business?

Frankly, if you want to not just survive, but thrive in today’s business arena, you have no choice but to be online. Digital marketing is pertinent, more so vital, and this is regardless of what line of business you are in. Some medical practices make the mistake of thinking digital marketing isn’t relevant to them, but if anything, it is the exact opposite. SEO is especially important for those in the medical field, considering that localization is one of the most important strategies to be utilized as a medical practice. And as if it wasn’t already important enough, digital marketing for medical practices just got even more crucial…


Getting back to the growth and companies and of our digital leaders in said environment, it looks like Apple is getting even bigger. How? By taking control of their healthcare. Apple has decided to launch its own group of medical clinics that will entail the company to take its employee health care under its own wing. Apple claims this launch, called “AC Wellness,” will be “the world’s best healthcare experience” known to workers. In light of the launch, the company has now published a website that exhibits a careers page that advertises jobs for primary care doctors, nurses, as well “care navigators,” and on-site lab test employees.


According to their website, AC Wellness is set to launch sometime this spring. As stated by CNBC, a few employees, previously employed by Stanford Health Care, have already begun working for AC Wellness even in the early stages of this launch. And the upcoming plans are to build “multiple, stunning state-of-the-art medical centers” as described by them. Two of them are in Santa Clara, California. One of the wellness centers will be inside of Apple Park headquarters, and another will be built not too far from this location.


According to Apple, AC Wellness will be a “unique concierge-like healthcare experience … enabled by technology.” So, there you have it – even our medical endeavors are turning technological. And this isn’t the first time Apple has delved into health, as we first saw it with the healthcare app and the Apple Watch health tracking technology, and furthermore with the HealthKit and ResearchKit platform that was created in order to aid people in the medical industry by tracking employee and patient health.

One of the unique aspects of AC Wellness is that it won’t be solely focused on reversing health issues as it will also have a large focus on preventing health issues via promoting a healthy lifestyle. AC Wellness will implement various diet and exercise programs for its employees in order to ensure that they are living healthily.


We can’t say we are that surprised that the big dogs in technology were the first to launch their own private health care system. And we can’t say we were surprised that Apple followed Amazon in being one of the first to do it. As our leaders in technology begin launching their own medical branches, we are reminded of the focus our culture has on the digital world.

What does it come down to?

Medical marketing is highly digitally evolved, as the majority of marketing is these days. Those in the medical industry are trying out new strategies, such as in Dallas. And just as we are impressed by Apple’s new growth, medical companies are impressed with their own growth when they implement these evolving digital marketing strategies. Although we in the digital marketing field realized a long time ago how important it is to have an online footprint as a business, it looks like everyone is starting to get on board, and diving into digital marketing in the medical field is now more relevant than ever before.

What is the next step for you?

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