The best web design for your medical practice

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As a medical practice, your online footprint is quite important. These days, most people are finding their doctors via the web. Whether on Google, or some other popular search engine, typically, people are looking to the internet to help them find a great doctor nearby. What this means for you is that it’s vital you show up when they go searching. Various digital marketing strategies need to be implemented, particularly SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click), in order to ensure you are showing up high in the search results. For help with this, many practices are turning to a Dallas PPC agency.

Aside from the people being able to find you, the next most important thing is what they find when they find you. What are we talking about? Your website. Your website is basically the person of your online identity. While of course all the various correlating digital platforms and strategies are important, i.e., social media, review sites, etc., your website is the online descriptive basis for who you are as a medical practice. A lot of the time, it is going to be the place where potential patients gather their first ideas in forming an impression of your practice. This means, you have got to do it right. So, you may be wondering, “what is the best web design for my medical practice?”

There are a few trends and important aspects that one should look for when implementing a theme and design basis for their medical practice’s website… And we are going to talk about them now.

#1 Do a bit of research…Figure out who has the best websites in your field, and observe what they are doing right, what makes their site so great. Now implement that into your website, but in your own unique way, and better.

#2 People appreciate simplicity; Especially when it comes to a medical practice. Make sure the site is very easy to navigate, and that there is nothing that is overwhelming for the visitor. This means keeping your text to a minimum. Especially on your home page, make sure you are not overwhelming your visitor with text. Keep it simple and to the point. However, do make sure that the information they may need is available somewhere on the site where they can find out more if they need to. This simplicity factor goes for design as well. Don’t use too bright of, or overwhelming colors; keep it neutral and neat, with no overly-intricate designs.

#3 Make sure the site has everything they need. Find out what patients are looking for in a medical practice’s website, and make sure to include it. This means, all of your information, location, phone numbers, doctor’s, specialties, insurance policies, any other contact information, address, etc. Make sure everything is available, and easy to use.

#4 Find something that makes you stand out. What is it about your practice that makes you so great? That makes you better or unique from your competitors? Make sure to include this factor somewhere on your site.

#5 Make sure to include testimonials… These are positive reviews from current and previous patients. People these days trust a fellow consumer much more than they do the business themselves.

Many medical practices are turning to a medical web design agency in Dallas for help in designing the perfect website. Here at Med Critic, we don’t just do web design, but we excel in all aspects of medical marketing. Let our team of medical digital marketing experts help you take the next step forward in building up your practice. Contact us today, and let’s get started!