Why Doctors Should Use Video Marketing

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When it comes to marketing your medical practice, it’s time to start thinking outside the box and embrace different tactics. Video marketing, for one, has proven to be quite beneficial for doctors, dentists, and other healthcare professionals trying to promote their office. Not only does video humanize your practice, but it promotes engagement with new and current patients. Even though we are more reliant on electronics than ever before, today’s population is more likely to support a brand, business, or practice they feel personally connected to. How do you do this? Through video marketing. Educational videos are a great way for healthcare providers to help new and current patients learn more about the practice and common medical conditions. However, simply launching a video marketing campaign isn’t enough. You must break it down to ensure every element is great and serves a purpose. Video is the medium of choice for today’s population, as nothing is better than easy access to information.

Videos are an important tool for medical practices because they can communicate information as well as emotion. When people are looking for a new doctor, first impressions are everything. Like it or not, many people make their decision to go to one doctor over another based on emotional reasons. Videos are an excellent way for you to appeal to potential patients on an emotional level, giving them the opportunity to see you speak, hear your voice, and observe your body language. If they like what they see, there’s a good chance they will choose you as their new primary care doctor. Let’s now take a deeper look at how to use video and why it is such a great marketing tool for your practice:

  • It’s Mobile-Friendly – An overwhelming number of people use their smartphones for, well, everything these days. An estimated 50 percent of patients use their smartphone or tablet to search for information, according to Forbes. Although screens are much bigger than they used to be, even when it comes to a cell phone, sifting through all that written content can become tedious. Enter, video. Video is incredibly mobile-friendly and is a great, simple way to push your content and provide people with insight into your practice.
  • It Humanizes You – We briefly mentioned this above, but it’s worth revisiting. Patients are far more likely to connect to a human voice and a doctor that seems “real.” They want to know who is caring for them and learn more about their demeanor, body language, and the way they interact with others. A video interview with a doctor explaining a certain medical condition, for example, is a great way to humanize yourself and provide viewers with more insight into who you are.
  • It Can Increase Traffic – Videos are also great because you can upload them to various sites (including YouTube) and then embed the video on your website. This creates multiple searchable access points to your video and draws people back to your website. It’s a win-win!

Learning the benefits of video marketing for your medical practice is a huge advantage, as these days video is king. To find out more about how your doctor’s office can use video marketing to bring in new patients, please contact Med-Critic today. As a Dallas medical marketing agency, we strive to help healthcare professionals find the right marketing solutions for their needs.