How to Handle Negative Reviews

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Reviews can be extremely beneficial for your business, but they can also be harmful. One of the problems that many businesses are experiencing these days with their marketing, is the realization that consumers don’t’ trust what the businesses tell them anymore, but they do trust what the other consumers say. Of course, they know that the business or in this case, a practice, is going to tell them that they are the best option, but they want to hear it from someone like them, another patient, in order to know if it is true.

So, this means a few great things for your practice, and a few bad things. The good news is that if you do what you do right and are able to get your patients to leave reviews you are going to do great in the feedback department from current and potential patients. The bad news is, many people only are inclined or motivated enough to leave a review, when something has made them upset. And sometimes, the thing that has made them upset, was truly out of the doctor or practice’s hands. When people are reading these bad reviews, they have a tendency to not take into consideration the “side” of the practice or the doctor, and these negative reviews can be bad for business, but unfortunately, regardless of how perfectly you operate, receiving them is sometimes inevitable. So, the question is, what should you do when you receive negative reviews?


One of the first and most important things to do when you receive negative feedback is to respond to it. This lets readers (and the writer of the review) know that you do care about the experience that was had, as well as that you are there for your patients when they make contact with you. This doesn’t only go for the negative reviews, but also the positive ones! Being responsive (and it’s all time sensitive) is one of the best reputation management skills that you can have.

How you respond.

How you respond is of utmost importance. Whereas, if you respond one way, you could be making it ten times worse, there is a way to respond to negative reviews that can make the situation much better. It’s important that you don’t respond making excuses… However, you can use this as an opportunity to explain the situation (very lightly) but at this point in time your only concern should be how it affected that patient, not that it wasn’t your fault.

It’s important to be apologetic, but for the right reasons. Let’s go over a little example… if a patient leaves a negative review saying that they are outraged because they had to spend so much time in the waiting room for their appointment, you shouldn’t respond saying, “We are sorry you had to wait, but it wasn’t our fault we had a patient overload.” Rather, it is best to say something like, “We are very sorry for the long wait you had to incur, we try to schedule our patients accordingly so that we may see each one of them as soon as possible. We hope next time your waiting experience will be of higher satisfaction.” Even if the situation wasn’t your fault, as a practice, it’s important to consider the viewpoint of the patient and sometimes this just means acknowledgement. In the end, this makes you look very respectable to onlookers.

If you have more questions about medical reputation management in Dallas, you may be considering turning to a group of professionals. Here at Med Critic, we are an innovative and passionate marketing agency in Dallas that are excited to help you grow and sustain your practice. Give us a call today, and we can talk about what we can do to help you with your medical practice.


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