Mobile Design Services for Healthcare

Over the last several years trends have shifted and the majority of people are turning to their mobile devices to seek out information. With this in mind, businesses across all industries - including healthcare - are realizing the need to develop mobile-friendly websites. Med Critic is a leading Dallas-Fort Worth medical marketing company that offers a wide range of services for physicians and other healthcare businesses, including mobile website design. Our mobile-optimized medical websites allow users to navigate your website with ease right from their smartphone. This is important for numerous reasons, but namely because it will help drive business to your website and patients to your office.

Today, both new and current patients are much more likely to turn to their mobile devices to perform any number of searches, including those centered around finding a doctor or other medical professional. Med Critic is committed to providing Plano medical businesses with mobile-friendly websites that new and current patients can easily navigate right from their smartphones or tablets. We strive to develop and engineer websites for medical businesses that can be used on any device. As a well-respected mobile design company for medical businesses, Med Critic will help you address any challenges presented by the changing face of website traffic. Research indicates that since 2015, web traffic and web searches from smartphones and other mobile devices overtook desktop activity as the go-to consumer platform. For this reason, it is imperative you are focusing on mobile-friendly responsive design.


About Our Mobile Design Services

Have you ever noticed seeing company logos on the side of Google when you are searching for something? In most cases, these company logos are personal to your interests and may even represent a brand whose website you visited earlier. This is not a coincidence! Search engine advertising is a very tactical and strategic form of marketing that targets a specific audience. Perhaps the most important part of search engine advertising is the fact that keywords specific to you are relied upon. Optimization is a critical part of advertising for any medical practice website, including doctors, hospitals, and other medical clinic businesses. Med Critic’s search engine advertising services are designed to be a scalable, cost-effective solution for those medical businesses looking to grow their practice.

Medical businesses throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area and elsewhere in the U.S. can benefit from our search engine advertising services because they aim to increase visibility. The latest research shows that people are looking for local businesses to show up in search engines, which is especially the case when looking for a medical practitioner and service provider. Med Critic’s search engine advertising services can help you increase your patient load and grow your business much faster than others. To learn more about how our Plano medical marketing experts can help you, give us a call today.